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cute girl photo studio photoshoot, beautiful woman portrait
Beautiful girl with flowers, photoshoot in Riga
Photo shoot in Riga lv, beautiful woman and girl portrait
Fire woman, evening dress fire and flame
Studio photo double portrait. Photo shoot in studio gift for two.
Light graphic painting, light brush in photograpy. Girl snake, Egyptian style.
Photo shoot in a studio, beautiful girl photos of the photographer Inara Prusakova
Professional photo shoot in a studio for girls in Riga, beautiful girl photos - portfolio
Girl photo shoot in Riga, professional photo for girls, metallica
professional girls photos, model photo - portfolio
professional man portrait, photo shoot for men in the studio
studio photos of beautiful girls, blue eyes and red lips
emotional pictures of beautiful girls, professional photographer in Riga, Inara Prusakova
Portrait of a girl, retro style photo. Black and white photography in the studio and digital photo processing.
Beautiful girls photos, photoshoot in the studio, professional makeup and hair.
Photos for the portfolio model, girls in Riga. Photoshoot for girls
Football player photo with the ball. Grunge background in colors of the flag of Latvia.
Man portrait brutal. Gothic style.
Style and makeup in the rococo style. Beautiful female portrait.
Medieval style makeup clothing. Middle Ages - portrait of a woman
Egyptian style makeup clothing. Nefertiti - style and ancient egyptian gods
Man plays the guitar. Studio photo. Post processing in Photoshop.
Portrait of Man, a photo with a guitar. Photo shoot in the studio.
Low-key photography, portrait by studio light. Man with guitar.
Low-key photography, man contour portrait by studio light.
Brutal man portrait. Studio lighting in photography and portraits.
Girl spring 2012. Nature change the winter mask to spring mask.
Sexy naked girl spring. On the photo a beautiful girl with long hair.
Vampire girl with wings. Example of how to change the background and makeup in photoshop in the gothic style.
Professional photo shoot for girls, portfolio model. Photoshoots and studio in Riga
Photo in retro style. Woman with a smoking cigarette.
Man brutal portrait Esquire style. Brutal man, photo processing in photoshop
Brutal man portrait. Bandit with the gun.

Are you looking for creative and professional photos or even photo art painting? So the creative portrait photo shoot is what you need.

Every single face can be interesting and beautiful at the pictures. Photographer knows thousand technique to make perfect image: different point of view, different lighting schemes, different photo retouching tools and etc. Also professional photographer mainly works with team, who helps you look gorgeous (nice makeup, hairdo and style).

Photo session in studio is not just sitting or standing in front of the camera over paper background. It is very creative, involving and dynamic process. We can take perfect beauty shoots or psychological black and white portrait. As a result you will get different type of pictures and probably you will discover yourself better.

We will discuss all photo session details, will help you to create perfect image and to choose suitable place: photoshoot in studio, at home, in nice interior or outdoor at location. Also we offer different type of post-processing: basic retouch, background replacement, creative manipulation, photo albums, calendar and our products.